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When shopping for Car Insurance there are a few things to keep in mind.  The first thing you need to know is that car insurance companies follow strict guidelines administered by the State insurance commissioner in which car insurance is issued.  Each company submits a proposal to the State regarding the rules and rates for that specific State.  The rules are the how, what, and whys of which discounts or additional charges apply.  The rates are also set based the qualified rules that apply.  Once the department of insurance accepts and approves the rules and rates the policy cannot be changed without requesting approval from the insurance commissioner.  The price a person pays for car insurance is based on multiple factors such as age, sex, marital status, years of driving experience, tickets, accidents, claims, location, current liability limits, homeowners, vehicle type, and credit are the primary factors.  This means that virtually every driver will have a different price based on these and other factors.  Each of the car insurance companies cater to a specific type of driver that they want to insure.  If you meet the criteria of what they are looking for then they will offer you the best rates. Not all car insurance companies are looking only for the best drivers, some companies want higher risk drivers because they can typically charge more.  The only way to make sure that you are getting the best price is to shop and compare car insurance quotes from multiple companies.  You will find that there are several high quality companies that offer cheap car insurance to drivers with a bad history.

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